Indoor Racing

The Radclyffe Athletics Centre
Hunt Lane

Hall opens at 07:30 please do not enter the race hall before this time.

The BMRCC indoor track is EOS carpet, some special meetings are also held on the gym floor, also referred to as “Cork”.

The track is made up of jumps, rumble strips, and gap jumps.

Please pay attention to booking in as some events do require a control tire on the rear. For the indoor championship this is usually Schumacher Cactus. For the indoor championship after your first qualifying run your tire is marked and this is the tire you must complete the rest of the day on.

Facilities at BMRCC indoor:

  • Hot food truck – this attends most meetings but cannot be guaranteed. Usually sells Burgers, Hot Dogs, etc.
  • Toilets
  • Large seating area in reception

Only water can be consumed in the race hall, all other food and drink must be consumed outside or in the reception area. Please adhere to this rule as it is a request of the sports hall.

Please also dress for the weather, due to the neighbours the halls heating cannot be turned on until 10am, so unfortunately over the winter months the hall can remain cold throughout the day.

For indoor events where we race on carpet the track is built the day before, usually this starts at 3pm. With enough volunteers and time permitting a free practice session is usually held until around 6pm.

We ask that all members / non members help with packing the track away at the end of the race meeting. “Many hands make light work”

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