How to Race

What to expect on your race day?

A typical race day at Bury Metro takes the following format:

  • Gates open outdoors 08:00, indoors 07:30.
  • 5 minutes practice in heat order, unless free practice announced by race controller.
  • 4 qualifying rounds that are 5 minutes long.
  • 1 final that is 5 minutes long.


This is where you can get a feel for the track, workout your racing lines, and if you need to change your set up. You are not racing the other cars, so if a faster car approaches, please let them past.


The aim of qualifying is to complete as many laps as you can in 5 minutes. You are not racing the other cars on the track you are racing the clock and every other car in your class that day. The start is staggered since it is the clock you are racing against, if a car starting behind yourself closes the gap and they are faster please let them through as they will be ahead on the clock.

After each round of qualifying, you are awarded points depending on your overall position. The lower the points the better. Your two lowest point scores are combined to give your overall score which gives you your position for the final.


This is the main event!

Cars line up on the grid and on the tone you all set off F1 style.

You are racing for position and unless you are being lapped you do not need to give up a position.

Beware the first corner! This is usually the place where the incidents take place in a final.


  • If qualifying do not hold faster cars up, you are against the clock and not the other cars, battling other cars will usually result in a slower time.
  • If you hit another racers car in qualifying or the final please give the position back, buggy racing is a none contact sport and it is the overtaking cars responsibility to pass cleanly.
  • Do not abuse the marshals, if a marshal does not see your car, you may get there attention but shouting or bad language towards marshals will not be tolerated. You might receive time penalties or asked to leave the meeting. Remember it is your job to drive cleanly.
  • Marshalling – Please marshal how you would like to be marshalled, we ask that cars are attended too as quickly and safely as possible.
  • On the rostrum please do not leave your spot until the race is over. If you break your car, please wait until the race is over to not distract other drivers.
  • Racing incidents occur please do not become abusive to other drivers on the rostrum, you might receive a time penalty or be asked to leave the meeting.