Recommended equipment for new starters

Getting into RC racing can be a daunting experience and buying the wrong equipment can be an expensive mistake, hopefully we can point you in the right direction.

Below is a list of popular 2wd cars, and the previous generation car that you would be able to get on the 2nd hand market. We recommend that new starters begin in 2wd.

  • Team Associated – B6.3

Team Associated B6.1 or B6.2

This is one of the most popular cars at Bury and you will find lots of drivers who will be able to help support you.

  • Schumacher – Cougar Laydown 2

Schumacher Cougar Laydown

This is one of the most popular cars at Bury and you will find lots of drivers who will be able to help support you. Bury is also home to two of the top UK Schumacher drivers in Luke & Josh Holdsworth.

  • Xray – XB2 22

Xray – XB2 21

  • Team Losi Racing – 22 5.0
  • PR Racing – S1 V3 Type R Evo

PR Racing – S1 V3 Sport – This is the cheapest competition kit on the market, retailing at around £150 – £190. If you need assistance with PR Racing then Adam Smith is the go to at Bury.

Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC)

You should be looking for a sensored ESC, some of the high-end options that retail around the £200 mark are:

  • Hobbywing XR10 Pro
  • Maclan M32t Pro
  • LRP Flow X
  • Reedy Blackbox 510R

There are a number of other options, but these are some of the most popular. For around £40 you can buy the Hobbywing 10BL120 this is a good reliable entry level ESC.

Steering Servo

There are a number of servos on the market Savox 1258tg is a good servo for the money, you want to be looking for a servo that has a fast speed rating as well as metal gears for durability.

Radio equipment

If starting out it is recommended that you buy a steering wheel / pistol grip handset, these are the most popular option and you will have a number of transmitters to choose from. The most popular brands are Sanwa, Futaba and Ko Propo. If you decide to go for sticks your options are limited if within budget, we recommend the Futaba T4GRS.


When picking a motor, it is always tempting to get the fastest one you can. For a junior new starter, we would recommend a 13.5t or a 10.5t, for a senior new starter a 10.5t would be a good starting point. It is important you are in control of the vehicle and not crashing excessively. If we feel your car is too powerful and you are becoming a danger to the marshals you may be spoken to by the committee.

With motors the lower the number the faster the motor, for reference the top drivers at the club usually use a 6.5t or 7.5t motor. If you find you can control the car and want more speed this can be achieved with turning boost and turbo up if you ESC is equipment with these features before purchasing another motor.


All racers are to use 2S hardcase lipo batteries, popular brands are Intellect, Centro, Reedy, Orion, LRP, etc.

If you plan to buy second hand lipo batteries, ensure they are not swollen as this is a sign they are at the end of their life. You will need a lipo charger and a fire proof lipo charging bag to place them in whilst charging.


When it comes to buying equipment like any sport every racer has their preferred brand / supplier / sponsor. Most drivers are friendly and will tell you all about their equipment if asked and its always best to get a number of opinions. If you are unsure don’t hesitate to chat to the committee for advice. We were all new at one point, the main thing is to have fun!