Membership & Fees

Annual club membership is £15 for Adults, and just £8 for Juniors (under 16). This gives you reduced race fees, and access to the rostrum outside of race meetings for practice sessions.

Online applications, payment via PayPal.

Indoor Racing Fees

Payment must be made up front via PayPal to without payment your booking is not confirmed.
Race Fees for Adult members = £10.00 per class. Junior U16 Members £6.00 per class. (If you book in for all rounds we will expect you to pay your 2020 membership fees later this year)
Race fees for Adult Non-members = £14.00 per class. U16 Non-members £9.00 per class.

**No Discount for entering more than one class**

Outdoor Racing Fees

Outdoor adult member £5
Outdoor U16 member £Free
Outdoor adult non-member £9
Outdoor U16 non-member £5